The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Wine Lover

November 27, 2018
gifts for wine lovers

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I can’t even believe it’s the holiday season! Where the heck did time go? If you’re like me, you are scrambling to buy Christmas gifts – why do I always wait until the last minute? Are you looking for that perfect gift for your favorite wine lover? Here are 10 wino approved items to add to your gift giving list.

I’ve also made sure they are all available with Amazon Prime and can be shipped within a few days — you’re welcome. So grab a glass of wine, get that credit card ready and let’s get to shoppin’. 

Wine Folly: The Master Guide

One of my very favorite wine books. Madeline Puckette has a way of making wine very approachable, fun and educational all at once. This book is perfect for a wine beginner all the way to even the most seasoned wine professional.




Bring Me Wine Socks

Ummm come on, the most perfect stocking stuffer ever. I have two pairs of these and feel like I for some reason need even more. Perfectly instagrammable, these socks will be a hit with whatever wine lover you gift them to.





Riedel Wine Glasses

If you’re going to be drinking good wine, I highly suggest investing in good glassware. I love sipping wine out of my Riedel wine glasses. I especially love their new Performance line, but for starters or for every day sipping, these ones work great. I’ve linked the Cabernet glasses, but you can see the other options on the page. Love the way the Chardonnay glasses look!


Wine Decanter

Every wine lover needs a decanter, or two or three. Not only does it looks pretty, it makes your wine taste even better. This classic gift is always the way to go. This Houdini wine decanter is a great introductory decanter – it was the first I ever got, and I still use it all the time!




Wood Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Can’t forget about the cheese! Perfect for the wine lover that also enjoys hosting and having people over. Naturally, wine and cheese is the most popular pairing, so a gift like this will get a lot of use in a winos house. I have multiple cheese boards and use them all the time! I especially love this one because its a beautiful wood paddle that is made right here in the US of A.



Fun Wine Themed Shirt

If professing your love of wine and drinking it all the time isn’t enough, why not also wear wine themed clothing? Guilty as charged, I have so many wine shirts. They’re cute, fun and can be worn to sleep in, brunch in, work out in, the list goes on. In addition to the above, I also like this one and this one.





Ok, if you have not heard of the Chambong, it’s about time you do. The perfect gift for your favorite bubbly lover – this is such a fun party “tool” and will get the bubbles flowing.


Wine Wipes

This may be the best stocking stuffer there is. I don’t know about you but I get the worst red wine teeth. After a day of wine tasting, heck, even just one winery, I’m in desperate need of a wine wipe. I always keep some of these in my purse just in case – they work great after coffee too!





If you know someone who drinks expensive wines often, they need a Coravin. The Coravin is an awesome wine tool that allows you to tap into a bottle without opening it, which saves you from wasting any wine if you don’t want to drink the whole bottle. Genius! I want this for Christmas if anybody is asking…



Wine Fridge

If you really, really love the person you are shopping for, a wine fridge is the ultimate present. Coming from experience, this is something a wine lover will typically not buy themselves and will hold out until they really need it. Extra brownie points with this wine gift!



Sooo if anyone wants to get me any of these, I’d be happy to find one of these gifts under my Christmas tree this year. Hint, hint. 😉 I hope this list is helpful while you shop for your favorite wine lover. And remember, when in doubt, just buy wine! A good bottle of something always does the trick.



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