Am I In France? Buehler Vineyards Delivers Gorgeous Chateau Views

December 3, 2018
buehler vineyard

After a long, gorgeous drive through the east Saint Helena hills, heading towards Howell Mountain, we arrived to an impressively large rod iron gate that opens up to Buehler Vineyards. Surprisingly, I had never heard of this winery, but I’m sure glad I finally did! A lush green field with an old barn filled with a few horses lined one side as we continued on the private road a couple more miles. Secluded is an understatement.

buehler vineyards

The gates to heaven.

Walking up to the tasting room, I felt like I was in France. I’ve never been to France but this is what I imagine it looks like. Chateau like buildings covered in grapevines, winding staircases, balconies, quaint terraces — can I move in? This 300 acre property is a photographers, bloggers, really anybody who can appreciate beautiful picturesque scenes, dream.

Buehler Vineyards is by appointment only and only hosts a couple groups a day. It’s a very intimate experience and you have the property at your disposal. You want to view the barrel room? Be their guest. Take pictures in the vineyards? Knock yourself out.

buehler vineyards

The leaning tower of wine…or is it just us?

You wouldn’t know it by visiting, due to its small and boutique feel, but Buehler actually has a pretty solid national distribution, available in many retail stores, so you may have seen this label on your grocery store shelf before. If you happen to, buy it! I can’t believe how affordable this wine is with it being all estate and small production (they produce about 30,000 cases a year). Being a fourth generation winery, Buehler believes in maintaining their history, dedication to quality and reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy a piece of their passion.

buehler wine

Really enjoyed this Buehler Vineyards Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

Buehler has a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and winery-only Cabernet on their tasting lineup. I really enjoyed their Estate Cabernet and their Poppa Knolls Cabernet, their oldest block of Cabernet. Everything was lovely and I mean where on earth in Napa can you still find amazing wines for $20-40!?

So if you’re looking for an intimate winery experience, without the big markup, and a photo perfect property, Buehler needs to be your next stop! A huge thank you to Ashley Buehler of Ashley Eats Alone for hosting – you’re the best!

buehler vineyards

Love my blogger babes!

buehler vineyards

I mean…would you look at that view!

P.S. There are winery cats, cute winery cats. As if there wasn’t reason enough to go…take a look at this cutie. I may have taken Bobcat Bob home with me..

winery cat

Bob prefers Buehler Cabernet.