The Ultimate Food and Wine Guide to Barcelona, Spain

April 3, 2019
ultimate guide to barcelona spain

Are you thinking about traveling to Barcelona, Spain? Stop thinking about it and book your trip immediately! Especially if you are a food and wine lover like myself. Barcelona is a lively city full of food, wine, cocktails, nightlife, history, breathtaking views and culture.

I did the hard work for you and tried out a bunch of restaurants, bars, night clubs, local attractions, dessert bars, cafes, you name it. Now I know I am leaving some great places out, but I only had a week! So, keep in mind, this list is just based on what I was able to try. Also, I apologize ahead of time for lack of food and wine pictures – I was too busy enjoying all of it! YOLO.

Keep reading to discover the ultimate Barcelona food and wine guide.

While this isn’t food or wine related, I think it’s important to kick this off with the best neighborhoods to stay in when vacationing in Barcelona:

El Born

This is the neighborhood I recommend staying in. Super close to everything so you can walk everywhere and only a short taxi ride from farther destinations. It’s busy during the day but quiets down at night so you can actually get some sleep.

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
The cutest streets and neighborhoods in El Born!

I really enjoyed the exact location I stayed – it was a little apartment air bnb and the location was perfect. We loved our little neighborhood by the end of the trip and knew all the back ways through the small, magical alley ways. Here’s the link if you want to book it as well!


This is pretty close to El Born and is a little bit more touristy however you’re closer to the beach.

Las Ramblas

I don’t recommend staying here. Super busy and touristy. If you don’t mind that, it is central to everything however the prices for everything are higher due to it being a tourist trap. Worth walking through if you want to shop.

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona:

Bar del Pla

ultimate guide to barcelona spain

These tapas were so damn good. Authentic, tasty food and charming atmosphere, Bar del Pla is the real deal. Be sure to make a reservation. This place is tiny and it fills up fast!


Located in the La Boqueria Market, Quim is a perfect lunch stop after browsing through all the vendors. It can be tricky to get a seat as it’s first come first serve and bar seating so you have to keep an eye out and hover. Go before 1 pm or after 2 pm to have a better chance of getting a seat, or just do what I did and grab a cone of charcuterie and post up and just wait. Haha. It’s worth it! Their paella looked delicious!


Really cute tapas bar in El Born. It’s owned by three sommeliers, so as you can imagine they’ve got some good wine! While the wine list is smaller than others, it’s carefully curated and rotates often. If you’re into natural wine, you’ll love it!

Bodega Barritz

Hard to find but worth the hunt! Bodega Barritz is a shoebox of a tapas bar located off a small alley in the Gothic quarter. Like a very traditional tapas bar, all of their tapas are displayed on the bar. I suggest going with the option where your waiter chooses eight tapas for you – so fun and delicious! The wine is extra cheap here too.

Best Restaurants in Barcelona:

Can Ramonet

Looking for some authentic paella? Love seafood? This is your place! A little more upscale than your typical tapas bar, Can Ramonet was recommended to me by a local, so that’s how you know it’s good! Also, a highlight of the experience was drinking a 2006 Vina Tondonia – if you see it still on the list, order it!

Boca Grande

The vibe of this restaurant was so freakin’ cool. Again, more upscale than your typical tapas bar, this dining experience is worth it. I had the seafood pasta and highly recommend it  Give their wine list a look, lots of local wines to choose from! ! Oh, and make sure to check out their restrooms – epic.


ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Brunchin? Go to Milk! It’s cozy, so prepare for a wait.

Looking for a bunch spot in Barcelona? This is it! A super cute and tiny restaurant in a small alley way in the Gothic quarter, Milk serves up epic Benedicts and tasty bloody mary’s. You’ll need something to soak up all that wine with 😉

Honest Greens

Dare I say this but you may find yourself tired of eating tapas for a week straight. If that’s the case, Honest Greens is the best spot to get a fresh salad in Barcelona. Very farm to table and California style cuisine. Very casual, walk up and order type place. My body was thankful for feeding it lettuce after eating meat and cheese for 5 days straight. Make sure you get an espresso shot here. Great beans!

Best Desserts in Barcelona:

Churreria Laietana

Oh man. I never knew I was missing out on so much. These churros were the real deal and were absolutely delicious. Make sure to get the chocolate side to dip it in. Wishing I had some of those right now..

Gelaaati Di Marco

This was by far the best gelato I had on my trip. Don’t ask me how many other places I tried…oopsie. I highly recommend the Speculoos aka cookie butter gelato. Straight heaven.

Tomo Dos

This was the only crepe place I went, so honestly, not sure if it was the best. But it definitely got the job done! A warm Nutella filled crepe was a very special treat.

Best Bars In Barcelona:

El Paradiso

Paradiso will surprise you even when you thought you knew what was coning, such as the freezer door leading into a bar. Yep, it’s a speakeasy, with not just one secret door but a couple. Consider yourself lucky if you get to experience both! The craftsmanship of the mixologists is amazing and makes for a great show, plus, the cocktails are unique and really delicious! A must when in Barcelona.

Creps al Born

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Tip: Just tell the bartender what kind of drink you’re feelin’ and watch them work their magic!

Looking for a bar that is turned up but chill at the same time? You know what I mean? Well, that’s Creps al Born. Fun bartenders, entertaining mixology, killer cocktails and a good vibe. People just seem to be really happy and friendly here, perhaps because they also serve creps.

Bar Sauvage

Owned by the same people at Creps al Born it’s no wonder why I also loved this bar. Again, a unique environment and clever, catchy, delicious cocktails. The people are really nice here too!

Dr. Stravinski

I’ve never been in a bar like Dr. Stravinksi – so unique! The bar is themed like an old chemists lab and includes a small upstairs loft that makes for the perfect drinking spot to get your night started.

Pipa Club

Really neat bar that is an apartment converted to a drinking spot. It can be tough to get in as they sometimes say it’s a members only bar. Just tell them you want to purchase the pass for the night – it comes with a drink.

Eclipse at the W Hotel

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Super colorful cocktails!

This skybar offers a beautiful view of the beach and city. The drinks are beautiful but a little sweet for my taste, and the environment was a little modern/clubby for my liking but it’s worth it for the aerial view!

Best Wine Bar In Barcelona:

Bodega Maestrazgo

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Little did we know, this wouldn’t be our last trip to Bodega Maestrazgo. Best wine bar in Barcelona!

Thank you to everyone who recommended this wine bar to me. I now know why I got so many recommendations on this place. Any wine bar where I can stop and fill up a water bottle of wine for $2 is a winner in my book. There’s something just so special about this place. It’s no fuss, no flare, just a wine bar in the back of a wine shop. Big thanks to Misty for making our first experience so memorable. We tasted and learned about so many Spanish wines. We came back to this bar a couple times!

Best Night Clubs In Barcelona:

Night club tip: Don’t go out to the clubs until at least 1 am. Many of them don’t even open until midnight and stay open until 4-6 am depending on the day of the week. The club scene here reminded me of Vegas. Same vibe!


This was the busiest and most “poppin” of the clubs we went to. Good Dj, lots of dancing, all the exciting club entertainment, think fog, confetti, weird dancing robots haha. Don’t get here until 2 am.


This club was fun! If you’re not huge on super packed clubs, this one had some more space and nooks with couches where you could sit and chat. They play mostly pop and dance type music. It seemed to be busy from 1:30 am on.

Carpe Diem

A good place to start for a drink that’s next to the other clubs. This one wasn’t as busy as the others but had a cool vibe – more chill.


Listing this club because it’s one we really wanted to go to but didn’t get the chance. We heard it was one of the best clubs in the city and they play mostly hip hop.

And for after the clubs…

I am going to give you one of the best tips I could possibly give you. The following bakery is open 24 HOURS. You are going to need this when you stumble out of the clubs at 6 am.


A true gift sent from heaven after you’ve been out all night. Yes, it’s a bakery chain but everything else food related seems to close so this was our saving grace when we would be coming home from the clubs and bars, as it was right around the corner from our house. It’s in a little alley, hard to find at first, but you won’t forget it after your first time. Killer baked goods!

Best attractions in Barcelona:

Ok, Ok, I know I said this was the ultimate food and wine guide to Barcelona but I might as well throw in some of my favorite attractions I visited!

La Boqueria Market

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
When visiting the market, come hungry!

So cool! Go earlier to avoid crowds. Be sure to do a walk around and compare prices before you buy. Everything towards the front entrance in more expensive, so be sure to give the shops in the back some love!

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Fresh fruits and veggies abound!
ultimate guide to barcelona spain
I never knew I needed a to-go cup of charcuterie until now.

La Segrada Familia

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
I could have stared at this ceiling forever! Such an inspiring building.
ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Stained glass magic.

ABSOLUTE MUST. Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, unbelievable – just a few ways I would describe this magnificent piece of architecture. Buy your tickets ahead of time online.

The Gothic Quarter

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Stumbled upon the Cathedral of Barcelona during one of our random walks through the neighborhood!

The cutest alley ways you ever will see + you’ll run into lots of history! Get lost. Explore. Take it all in!

The Arc de Triomf

ultimate guide to barcelona spain
Epic Triomf.

We stumbled upon this when walking to La Segrada. Cool structure, not much to do but take a picture in front of it. Best way to find these things is to walk everywhere!

Well, there you have it folks – my roundup on all the best places to eat, drink and be merry while you’re visiting Barcelona, Spain. I hope my tips are helpful. Let me know if you visit any of these spots!



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